Our department envisions an integrated set of objectives and research techniques. Given the importance of a department of Political Science in a post-communist country, an important aspect is studying politics in Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

Our personnel researches democratization problems, consolidation of democracy, transition to market economy, identity politics, human rights, political culture and political parties. Even if the We developed research initiatives that have international objectives, regional studies or extensive comparative studies. Our professors are specialized in a wide range of research methods, from the quantitative and qualitative empirical analysis to critical theory or postmodern strategies.

Our department’s research activity is complementary to the one of the Center for the Study of Democracy. You can find a list of our academic research projects and applied research on CSD’s website.

Our research is not focused exclusively on politics in Eastern Europe. We are constantly looking to broaden the spectrum of research issues of interest. Thus, we have developed research interests related to other geographical areas (South-Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Latin America etc.) and we constantly update curricula to include issues varying from the political sciences, such as gender studies and critical theory.

The members of our department are part of some research institutions and are thus directly involved in efforts to establish design research sites, data collection and processing and even in influencing the public agenda. We also have strong links with similar departments in the country and abroad and through academic conferences and seminars we are connected to the pulse of Political Science worldwide.

A quick look at our team shows the priority we give to the development of research in the department.