Issue: 10(1)


• Irina Ana Kantor - On the Reasonabless of Tolerance (download)

• Zoltán Grünhut and Ákos Bodor - A Synthesising Approach to Eruopeanisation (download)

• Kinga-Koretta Sata - Peripheral Images of a 19th Century Great Power (download)

• Alexandru-Vasile Sava - Alexandre Kojeve’s Notion of Authority and the Construction of Political Legitimacy (download)

• Anca Sinea - The European Framework for Regional Energy (download)

• Bogdan Radu - Religious Determinants of Political Participation in Poland and Romania: A research note (download)

: 10(2)

Foreword • Petruța Teampău - Embodied citizenship: women, politics and civic engagement in Romania (download)


Petruța Teampău - Women leaders and lead workers in communist Romania: a discoursive approach (download)

Daniela Angi - Women and citizenship. Is there a civic 'gender gap' in Romania? (download)

Sorana Constantinescu - Gender quotas in Romania - a critical overview of the debate (download)

Helamia Mihali - How students think gender (download)

Miruna Pantel - Gender and public expenditure politics (download)

Georgiana Turculeț - Revised principle of non-refoulment. From Justice between states to justice for refugees (download)

Book review • Andrada Fătu-Tutoveanu - Review of 'Life Writing and Politics of Memory in Eastern Europe', edited by Simona Mitroiu, Palgrave, 2015 (download)

Work in progress

Georgiana Turculeț, Esma Baycan - A fair cooperation scheme in a de facto uncooperative institution? (download)

Toma Burean - Gender gaps and representation in Poland 1997-2011 (download)



Issue: 9(1)


• Vasile Boari - Christianity and Democracy: A theoretical Doctrinarian Approach (download)

• Sandu Frunză - Christianity, Politics and the Reasertion of the Relational Subject (download)

• Iulia Grad - Religious Advertising and Political Symbolism in Electoral Campaigns (download)

• Radu Murea - Europe, Islam and the Modern Dhimmis (download)

• Ion Josan - Christianity Beyond the "Political": The Temptation of Onto-Theology (download)

Issue: 9(2)


• Florin Feșnic - The Demand-Side of Euroskepticism in Eastern and Western Europe: Romania and France (download)

• Daniela Angi - Participation and Norms of Good Citizenship: A discussion on Romania and youth (download)

• Florin Feșnic - Political Consequences of Romania's Modernizations: how the Romanian party system evolved from the 1990's to the present (download)

• Daniela Cervinschi - The Impact of the Entrepreneur Condition on Social Mobility and Social Change Romanian Selfemployed Migrants in the Italian Construction Sector (download)

• Ovidiu Oltean - Romanian Migrants' Political Transnationalism, Alternative Voting Methods and their Effect on the Electoral Process (download)



Issue: 8(1)


• Silviu E. Rogobete - Religion and Politics: A Possible Reading of the Current State of Affairs (download)

Irina-Ana Kantor - A Challenged Vision and its Alternatives. The Concept of Geberal Will in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract (download)

Aura Carmen Slate - Water Geopolitics in Central Asia. Case Study - Future Implications of Rogun Hydropower Plant (download)

Horia Lupu - Multicultural Citizenship, a Model for Romania? (download)

Arthur Lakatos - Book Review - Pascual, Elkind. 2010. Energy Security (download)

Issue: 8(2)


• Emanuela Simona Garboni, Silviu E. Rogobete - Women's Political Participation in Democratization. A Literature Review (download)

Sandu Frunză - Elements of a New Jewish Political and Cultural Consciousness (download)

Iulia Grad - Judaism and Politics from the Perspective of a Philosophy of Dialogue (download)

Michael Shafir - Judaism and (or?) Democracy: The Relevance of Irrelevance (download)

Ariana Guga - Book Review - Finkenthal. 2014. Lev Șestov. Filosof existențial, gînditor religios (download)



Issue: 7(1)


• Maria Diaconescu - The Present Challenge of the Interpersonal Relationships: Unity in Diversity (download)

• Ionuț Apahideanu - An Empirical Revisting of the Secularization Debate at the Micro level: Europe's heterodox religiosity over the last two decades (download)

• Vyacheslav V. Shevtsov - The Regional Identity of the Siberian Community: Major formation factors and reconstruction (download)

• Anatolie Cosciug - The Impact of International Student Mobility in Romania (download)

• Jan Váně - The Relationship Between the Catholic Church and the Civil Society in the Czech Republic (download)

Menchem Hacohen - On Religion and Politics (download)

Issue: 7(2)


• Astrid Mattes - Civic Engagement of Immigrants and the Beneficial Potential of Religion (download)

Marius Lazar - Modern Indo-Pakistani Islamic Revival Between Pietism and Politics (download)

• Ion Josan - Khomeinsm as Historical Dasein: The Sacralization of Politics and the Politization of the Sacred (download)

• Radu Murea - Conquering Modernity: Islam, Defensive Modernization and the Challenge of Colonial Modernity (download)

• Mihai Mureșan - Book Review - Judt, Snyder. 2012. Thinking the Twentieth Century (download)



Issue: 6(1)


• Radka Druláková, Zuzana Trávníčková, Štěpánka Zemanová, Jan Martin Rolenc - Internalization and Regionalization of Sanctions Policy: The Case of the Czech Republic (download)

• Paul Carnegie - Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind: Challenges of Transition for the Arab Spring (download)

• Denisa Brand-Jacobsen - The Role of the UNPBF in the Postwar Recovery of Fragile States (download)

• Diana I. Santiago - The Spanish "Social Novel" of the Fifties in its European Context: The Case of Juan Garcia Hortelano (download)

• Paul E. Sum - "The Parties Will Have to Account for Their Actions" (download)

• Dana Bădulescu - Book Review - Bauman, "Collateral Damage" (download)

Issue: 6(2)


• Ioana Repciuc - Re-enchanted Nature. Folk Religious Ethics Related to Natural Environment in Rural Romania (download)

• Simona Sav - Secular and Postsecular. How the concepts of "postsecularity", "spirituality" and "gender" challenge secularization (download)

• Vanja-Ivan Savic - Ethnicity and Religion in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Peace v Human Rights - A Never-ending Story? (download)

Vasile Boari, Simona Sav - Judeo-Christian Values in Dialogue with Democracy (download)

• Natalia Vlas - "Who could challenge democracy?" The Law on Religious Freedom - an expression of Romanian Democracy? (download)

• Csaba Máté Sarnyai - Aspects of Autonomy and Religion in the (Post)modern Environment (download)



Issue: 5(1)


• Ronald F. King - Democracy as Triage (download)

• Adela Fofiu - Europe Might Exist no More. The Story of Europe's Apocalypse Told On-line by the Romanian New Right (download)

• Constantin Schifirneț - Tendential Modernity: A Type of Modernity without a Dominant Form (download)

• Sabina Maria Lazar - Anti-Balistic Missile Shield in Romania. An Opportunity or a Vulnerability for Romania's National Security? (download)

• Ana-Maria Ghimis - EU-Russia Energy Relations from a Realist Point of View (download)

Issue: 5(2)


• Přemysl Rosůlek - On the Moral Justification of Secession. Critical remarks to mainstream theories (download)

• Borbála Kovács - Parental Perspectives on Childcare and the Take-up of Childcare Services Among Romanian Households (download)

• Alexandra Barbus - Determinants of Infant Mortality. Predicting infant mortality at global level (download)

• Marius Mosoreanu, Anamaria Remete - Trust and Attitudes Towards Migration. The effects of perceived group threat and exposure to ethnic/racial diversity in the case of France (download)

• Saleh Ahmed - Book review - Charles Tilly, "Durable Inequality" (download)



Issue: 4(1)


• Valentina-Andreea Dimulescu - Presidential Impeachment in Semi-Presidential Systems. Case Study: Romania 2007 (download)

• Vlad Gross - Political Accountability in Eastern and Western European Democracies: Exploring a Radial Concept (download)

• Olena Podolyan - The Role of the Identity Factor in the EU's Relations with Ukraine and the Baltic States (download)

• Marta B. Erdos - Cha(lle)nge. The legacy of state socialism in Hugary: A discourse analysis (download)

• Vasile Boari, George Jiglău - "Democracy brought us freedom, but also the responsability for our own lives". Interview with Adam Michnik (download)

• Mihail Chiru - Book Review - Malik Mufti, 2009, Daring and Caution in Turkish Strategic Culture. Republic at Sea, New York Palgrave Macmillan. (download)

Issue: 4(2)


• Monica Andriescu - The Discursive Configuration of Romanian Political Identity: Elite Reactions to Hungarian Demands for Minority Rights (1996-2009) (download)

• Nina Rozhanovskaya - Nuclear Weapons and the Russian-U.S. Dialogue in the Present-Day Russian Official Discourse (download)

• Jonathan O'Hara - Carving a Space for Elite Republicanism: Hierarchy, Deference and Paternalism in American Political Development (download)

• Sorin Bocancea - Intelectuals and Politics. The Obsession of a Phatasmagorical Betrayal (download)

• Charles King - "Russia may have a Muslim Majority by the Middle of the Century" (download)



Issue: 5


• Paul Carnegie - Mapping Ambiguity in Democratization (download)

• Thorsten Gromes - Democratization of post-civil war societies: A mission impossible? (download)

• Lorenzo Orioli, Giacomo Trombi, Maarten Van den Eynde - Exploring the Limits of Participatory Democracy (download)

• Davit Mikeladze - Russian-Speaking Population in the Baltic States: A “Fifth Column” or An Integral Part of the Local Society? (download)

• Gul Pinar Erkem - Identity Construction of Europe by Othering: A Case Study of Turkey and the EU Relations from a Cultural Perspective (download)

Issue: 6


• Silviu E. Rogobete - The Interplay of Ethnic and Religious Identities in Europe: A Possible Mapping of a Complex Territory (download)

• Mycola Kapytonenko - Globalization, Nation-State and Global Security Arrangements (download)

• Štěpánka Zemanová - Supporting Human Rights Through TNC Governance: The Necessity of a Global Response to a Global Challenge (download)

• Constantin-Manuel Bosanceanu - Democracy, State and Demos in the Age of Accelerated Globalization: Revealing the Hidden Tensions within the Triad (download)

• Tiberiu Condulescu - On Israeli Geopolitics: Theories and Case Studies (download)

• Enis Sulstarova - In the Mirror of Occident: The Idea of Europe in the Interwar Albanian Intellectual Discourse (download)

• Hortenzia Hosszú – Book Review: Kaare Strøm, Wolfgang C. Müller, and Torbjörn Bergman, 2006, Delegation and Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies, Oxford: ECPR Oxford University Press (download)

• Florina-Laura Neculai - Book Review: John Gerring and Strom C. Thacker, 2008, A Centripetal Theory of Democratic Governance, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (download)

• Nelli Babyan - Book Review: Knud Erik Jorgensen, 2009, The European Union and International Organizations, London Routlege (download)

• Anca Sinea-Lonca - Book Review - Alexander Brenneis, 2009, Das parlamentarische System in Slowenien und Österreich im Vergleich (The Parliamentary System in Slovenia and Austria in Comparative Perspective), Leykam, Graz (download)



Issue: 3


• Dylan Kissane - Forecasting the Storm: Power Cycle Theory and Conflict in the Major Power System (download)

• Irina Angelescu - On Neo-medievalism, Migration and the Fuzzy Borders of Europe: A Critical View of the Schengen Convention (download)

• Yelena Nikolayevna Zabortseva - A Contemporary Concept of Global Governance (download)

• Ioana Creitaru - Environmental Security Seen from the European Union. The Case of EU Climate Policy as a Preventive Security Policy (download)

• Adina Baya - The Concentration of Media Ownership in Romania: Supporting or Challenging Pluralism and Media Freedom? (download)

• Stefan Cibian - An International Relations Theory Perspective on Development Aid and Its Role in Shaping the Post-1945 World Order (download)

• Paul Stephenson - Book Review: Anthony Giddens, Europe in the Global Age, Cambridge: Polity, 2007, 265 pages. (download)

• Natalia Vlas - Book review: Philip Jenkins, God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis, Oxford University Press, 2007, 352 pages. (download)

• Andreea Petres - Book review: Charles Tilly, Democracy. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007, 205 pages + References and Index. (download)

Issue: 4


• Mihai I. Spăriosu - Ethnic, National, and Regional Identities: Preliminary Theoretical Considerations (download)

• Sergiu Gherghina, Stefano Braghiroli - Chasing Putnam: The Relationship Between Democratization and Civicness In Transitional Post-Communist Countries (download)

• Selcen Öner - European Identity in the Context of the EU: Construction of European Identity in Civic and Cultural Terms (download)

• Dragoş C. Mateescu - The Time Beyond Space: Exploring Alternative Directions for the Analysis of Identity Formation in the case of Romania and Turkey (download)

• Alina Hughes - Will There Be Conflict? Identity and Values Tensions in Transylvania’s Saxon Villages (download)

• Ilona Deneş - The Icon of Romanian Identity Reflections on the Public Debate about Religious Symbols in Romanian Schools (download)

• Radu Bogdan - The Interplay between State and Church in Romanian Constructions of National Identity (download)

• Raluca Betea - Book Review: Stefan Ihrig. Who are the Moldavians? Romanianhood versus Moldovianhood in the historiography and school manuals from Republic of Moldavia, 1991-2006 (download)

• Gulsen Seven - Book Review: Neil Fligstein. 2008. Euroclash: The EU, European Identity and the Future of Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press (download)

• Nicoleta Cristea-Brunel - Book Review: René Schwok. 2006. Switzerland - The European Union: impossible integration?Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes (download)