MA Programs

Our department organizes admission in 2021 to the following MA programs:

International development (English)

Management of Political Organizations (Romanian and English)

Research Design and Social Data Analysis (Romanian)

For all MA programs candidates must send a CV and a cover letter (July 12 to 16, 2021). The candidates are required to hold an interview (July 18th, 2021).

More information about the 2020 admission can be found on FSPAC's website.

Who are the professors that teach at our masters?

The MA programs offered by the Department of Political science are designed to provide an exposure of the students to the main theoretical problems, a proper training in using the techniques of empirical analysis and a good knowledge of policy making in each of the specific areas covered by this curricula (international relations, political behavior, political institutions, comparative political systems, eastern European politics).

Starting with the 2016-2017 academic year, the MA programs offer students the opportunity to visit the Presidential Administration and take internships at this institution, and our network of partner institutions will soon extend. Also, the Department developed a network of guest speakers who are often invited to deliver lectures for our students.

Details can be found on the page of each MA program.