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The Doctoral Program in Political Science was created in 2010, completing the academic training offered by the Department of Political Science.

Held under the coordination of Prof. Gabriel Badescu, Prof. Cosmin Marian and Dr. Habil. Remus Anghel and with the support and involvement of all members of the department, the doctoral program addresses a wide range of research topics in-depth, being complementary to the academic programs at bachelor and master levels offered by the Department.

Doctoral students in the Department carry out research in areas such as comparative politcs, ethnic relations, europeanization, European Union policies, religion, democracy, migration, human rights, or political elites.

The first year of the doctoral program is dedicated to the doctoral school, with classes on international relations, research methodology, comparative politics, political economy, political philosophy and social psychology, offered by members of the Department of Political Science and professors from other UBB departments.

PhD students benefit from opportunites and the research infrastructure made available by the Department and the research centers within it, and the network of contacts in the country and abroad.

Who are our PhD candidates and what are their research interests?

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Alexandra Barbuș

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Alexandra Barbus is a PhD candidate at Babes Bolyai University, the Political Science department. She has a MA degree in Research and Data Analysis and a BS in Statistics. Her main fields of interest are political participation, youth political behaviour and procurement & analytics.


Paula Beudean

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

I have more than 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, currently working for Danis Foundation. Since 2008, I hold an associate teaching position within the NGOs Management MPA (BBU). I graduated from the same MPA, and then studied Nonprofit Leadership and Community Development at University of Delaware. Paula also specialized in CSR (Executive Education Program, McGill University) and in international development (MA, BBU).


Laura Bretea

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

I hold a BA from Paris X university and an MA in international relations from Paris I, Sorbonne. I am an electoral expert and works as consultant for the UN, the European Commission and international NGO's. With a 10 year experience, I observed elections in various states and more recently in Egypt, Nigeria or Afghanistan.I currently hold a job with the European Commission in Brussels in the field of International Development.


Anatolie Coșciug

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

I am a doctoral fellow in sociology at the University of Bielefeld, Germany with a research on migration and social change in Eastern Europe. He is also an Early Stage Researcher at the Babes-Bolyai University in Romania, being involved in projects on migration, informal entrepreneurship, social development, and youth.


Andreea Dodosi

PhD Candidate

I am part of the 2016 promotion of the Faculty of Political Sciences within the FSPAC, UBB Cluj. I have graduated my master degree at SNSPA Bucharest, inside the department of International Relations and European Integration, Security and Diplomacy specialization. As a professional experience, following my graduation I was part of the 2016 series of interns at the Government of Romania, after which I obtained a position of an Examination Evaluation Advisor within the Agency for the Digital Agenda of Romania in the department of SEAP (Electronic Public Procurement System). During this activity I would mention the representation of the Agency within the Partnership for an Open Government and the participation in various thematic workshops as well as the one organized by the European Commission - EUGO - for the Single Digital Gateway project. I am currently a Project Manager in a Romanian IT company. The chosen research topic in the doctoral school is the Discriminatory Discourse against the Jews in the Romanian Society in 1945-1949 and in principle the study of the measures taken by the Romanian society in the post-Holocaust period.



Carmen Greab

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

I am researcher and PhD candidate at the Political Science Department in Cluj. Mymain research interests are civic education and its effect on the political socialization of young people, as well as the institutional tools of local democracy.


Ovidiu Oltean

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

In my doctoral research I study the relation between ethnic migration in Romania, ethnic institutions and organizations, and social change. Since 2012 I am part of a team that researches the various types of migration and their effects on the migrants' communities of origin.

madalina mocan.jpg

Mădălina Mocan

PhD Candidate

Mădălina Mocan is currently a PhD student in Political Sciences at Babeş-Bolyai University, (Cluj-Napoca) and has previously served as executive and development director of Ratiu Center for Democracy where she developed and pursued projects and initiatives in the fields of human trafficking, minority rights and accountability. She maintains an academic and civic interest in human rights issues, particularly victim’s coordinated assistance and compensation, multicultural policies, inequality, and transparency. Her current research interests relate to the role of national and international donors and grant givers in Romania’s civil society public agenda setting while continuing to advice and work with national and international partners in anti-human trafficking projects as well as consulting in civic sector related researches. She is Aspen Institute Romania fellow (2009), German Marshall Transatlantic Fellow (2014) and serves as a board member for Tech Soup Romania.

LinkedIn: Madalina Mocan

Twitter: MadalinaMocan


Andreea Vornicu

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

I held a BA in Law and Journalism and a MA in International Development. My research interests are related to institutional designand post-conflict reconstruction, rule of law and transitional justice.

I am a teaching assistant for classes such as Introduction to Political Science, Theories of Democracy, or Transition and Democratization in CEE.